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Obtaining the raw granite material starts with the mining process of extraction. The different granite colours are native to quarries located worldwide. The mining process involves core drilling, the use of explosives, diamond wire sawing, and inflatable air bags. The large granite blocks produced are shipped off to processing plants. All fragmented byproducts are ground to produce aggregate for a variety of construction applications, leaving nothing to waste. 

Rock Blasting Using Explosives

Using Explosives

Wiring Sawing & Inflatable Air Bags

At the shop we have incorporated a diamond wire saw to take natural stone boulders and cut them to create one-of-a-kind memorials, or other natural rock products.  

In-House Diamond Wire Sawing

Once the shape of the stone has been approved, the cut surfaces can be polished, flamed, or left as a sawn face. The polishing process entails sanding the stone with the use of diamond polishing pads and water. These pads range from a course 30 grit to an extra fine 8500 grit. This allows for rock finishing to vary from dull, to a smooth, mirror-like appearance. The flaming process is used to produce a high, localized heat, which 'spalls' the surface to create a rough, natural look.  

Flaming Stone

After consultation with clients, ideas are incorporate into a CAD design layout. Once the design is client approved, the layout is produced as a rubber stencil for the engraving process. Depending on the detail required, engraving is done either by our computer automated equipment, or manually with our skilled hands, or a combination of both. Other additional stone carving techniques may be incorporated for more technical designs. On occasions, the engraving process is provided on site for cemetery engraving, or other residential and commercial applications. 

Onsite Engraving Process

Onsite Engraving Process

Onsite Engraving Process

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